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The Thermometer will always be sitting on the wire floor of the incubator. In a still air incubator, the closer you get to the top of the incubator, the higher the actual temperature.

We have worked out scientifically the proper thermometer reading for different size eggs, when on their side on the floor and when they are in the automatic turner. When setting eggs of different sizes, you will have to use an average half way between temperature in the chart below.

 Recommended temperatures:   Incubation period
 Hens  39.2°C 102.5°F 21 days
 Pheasant  39.5°C 103°F 24 days
 Quail  39.2°C 102.5°F 17 days
 Ducks  39°C 102°F 28 days
 Geese  39°C 102°F 28-32 days



How many eggs did you incubate?

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