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Possible Problems

SymptomsPossible cause
Eggs candling clear
No blood rings or embryo growth.
  1. Eggs from a flock having no roosters.
  2. Poor flock management.
  3. Eggs stored below 40° F or which were too old before setting.
Eggs candling clear
But showing blood or very small embryos on breaking.
  1. Incubator temperature too high.
  2. Eggs stored below 40 or above 80° F. before setting.
Dead Embryos
Before hatching time.
  1. Eggs haven't been turned at least 3 times a day.
  2. Lack of ventilation.
  3. Incubator temperature set too high or too low.
  4. Breeder flock having poor hatchability or fed inadequate ration.
Eggs pipped but not hatched (Chick pecks hole through shell)
Chicks dead in shells.

Sticky chicks
Shells sticking to chicks.
  1. Low average humidity.
  2. Low average temperature.
  3. Low humidity at hatching time.
  4. Excessive high temperature for short period.
Hatching too early
With bloody navels.
  1. Temperature too high.
Delayed hatch
Eggs not pipping until 21st day or later.
  1. Temperature too low.
Draggy hatch
Some chicks hatch early, but hatch is slow in finishing.
  1. Temperature too high.
Crippled chicks
  1. Abnormalities in development.
  2. Poor nutrition of hens.
  3. Incubator temperature too high.


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